Summertime & the mathematics is... easy? This summer, SMI-NY will be organizing Sunday Mathematical Feasts on beautiful, bucolic Governors Island, a 15 minute ferry ride from the southern tip of Manhattan. For six Sundays, starting June 5th and running until August 21st, SMI-NY will host mathematical events for visitors from 8 to 80 to get "into" recreational mathematics, whether that be solving "knotty" problems, bulding cube puzzles or mixing the perfect bubble concoction. All events will be held at Building 11 in Nolan Park, with continuous admission from 12 noon to 3:45 pm. Childen under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, with a limit of 2 children per adult. Admission is free, although we do request a $5 donation to cover materials and programming fees.


June 5th

Knots, Wires & Bands

Explore the mysterious world of topology, the study of distortion. Learn about how to use mathematics to magically tie a knot in a rope without letting go of the ends, as well asperform daring feats of escape. Build a clever "topological puzzle" and perform magic tricks using only a scissor and a strip of paper.


June 26th

Best Bubble Juice Ever!

Blowing bubbles is easy peasy; making thebest bubble “juice” isn’t. We’ll be mixing different proportions of three common household ingredients and testing them to
determine what’s the best recipe. Also: what does bubble blowing have to do with the obituary section of the New York Times?

July 10th

You Be The Builder

Explore our collection of “cube puzzles”which range from the very simple to the intensely frustrating. We give you the top, front and side view; you re-create what it would look like in three dimensions using our colorful snap-cubes.


July 24th

Challenges from Houdini’s Grave

Born in Hungary, raised in Wisconsin, resided inf Harlem, buried in Queens, Harry Houdini was well known for his stage illusions and escape artistry. Houdini also authored several books on magic and the occult; we’ll celebrate his life, 90 years after his death, with some of his best geometric and topological puzzles.

August 7th

Let’s Party With Parity

“Parity” is an important concept in mathematics; learn more about it by turning over wine glasses, playing card games,
solving equations and flying helicopters. You don’t need a pilot’s license to learn about parity!


August 21st

Steaks, Pancakes & Brownies

How long will it take to cook 3 steaks in a pan that only holds 2? How can you invert a stack of pancakes in the fewest number of moves? What’s the best way for three people to split up a brownie? Today we merge the logistics of cooking & baking with mathematical thinking. You'll never touch your food the same way again

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